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Spencer Sercombe


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Musical Alumni

Mark Spoelstra Spencer Sercombe
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The youngest of five children, Spencer Sercombe was born August 2, 1959. By the age of only eight years old, he was playing piano and violin. His older sisters were comparative virtuosos on these instruments and he felt frustrated in their shadow. At the age of 10, he discovered the guitar. His sisters taught him a few chords, at which point he hid the guitar from them and worked out the rest on his own. By the age of only 12, he began playing in bands and hasn’t stopped yet.


After Spencer graduated from AHS in 1977, at age 20, he formed the band Sharks with friend Richard Czerny-Black. Sharks released several independent label albums during the 80’s. The group’s name was changed to Shark Island and was signed by Epic Records. Their first, and only, major label release, Law of the Order, came out in 1989.


He has also played with a broad range of bands and artists over the years including a ZZ Top tribute band named Fandango, War, Sparks, Michael Schenker Group (MSG), Riverdogs and most recently, the Bill Ward (of Black Sabbath fame) Band, although he recently departed from this band. He has toured all over the world and has his own signature line of Fender Guitars built by Todd Krause.


On the personal side, Spencer is a vegetarian and still drives the same car he did in high school! He says, “I’ve been way up and way down, but all in all I’d say I’ve been one lucky bastard.”


Arcadia High School Alumni Association


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