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Jim Coyle


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Although Jim’s family moved from Arcadia after his sophomore year (1970), he grew up in Arcadia and still considers himself to be an Arcadian, as do we.


Jim grew up in a home on Duarte Road, just down the street from AHS. Retired AHS teacher Glenna Rasmussen now owns this house. He attended Holy Angels School through 8th grade, First Ave, and then AHS. In 1970, his family moved to Salinas when his Dad bought a radio station in the area.


Jim attended Santa Clara University, majoring in Theater Arts and began his acting career shortly thereafter. After six years of acting all over the West Coast, Jim took his career to New York City in an effort to give him more Hollywood credibility. That was 16 years ago. He has since met his wife, Deb, with whom he has two sons.


Jim’s credits are quite varied. Most recently, he appeared on Broadway in Uncle Vanya with Sir Derek Jacobi. He’s appeared in many other Broadway and off Broadway productions through the years all over the country including the Old Globe Theater in San Diego. On television, Jim has guest starred in several episodes of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, as well as virtually every New York based soap opera.


Jim says, “Even though I spent only one year at AHS, I remember it well and I miss the West Coast a lot and intend to move back there eventually.”


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