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Greg Tortell and Joe Ramsey


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GREG TORTELL, JOE RAMSEY, Paul Maselli and Carl Haasis.

Greg Tortell graduated from AHS in 1979 and Joe Ramsey in 1974. Together with Carl Haasis (AHS Class of 75) Paul Maselli (AHS Class of?) Gary Putnam, Bryant Fernandez and , they formed one of the most unique rock acts ever seen; Dread Zeppelin. All adapted stage names to go with the band’s one-of-a-kind act. Greg is Tortelvis, the lead singer and 300-pound Elvis impersonator and Joe is Jah Paul Jo, a take off on Led Zeppelin’s bass player, John Paul Jones. They perform Led Zeppelin songs with a reggae beat and Presley-like vocal. They have, on occasion combined Led Zeppelin and Elvis songs into one tune, such as “Heartbreaker (At The End of Lonely Street).”


Un-led-EdTheir first performance came on January 8, 1989, the 54th anniversary of the King’s birth. Soon afterward, growing local buzz earned Dread Zeppelin a deal with IRS Records and in 1990, they released their first effort entitled “Un-led-Ed”. The album showed surprisingly strong sales, peaking at #116 on the Billboard album charts, and resulted in high praise from Led Zeppelin front man Robert Plant for their rendition of “Your Time Is Gonna Come”. Plant even admitted that he preferred their version to the original.


Their second album, “5,000,000” was released in 1991, but the novelty of their act had worn somewhat thin and sales were very disappointing. In 1992, Greg (Tortelvis), Bryant Fernandez (Ed Zeppelin) and Paul Maselli (Fresh Cheese) left the band. Gary Putnam (Butt Boy) assumes the persona of Gary B.I.B.B. and assumed the lead vocals. Their follow up album, “It’s Not Unusual” was a disco record and alienated the group’s core fans as well as their record label, who dropped the group. In 1993, Greg and Bryant returned to the lineup for the release of 1993’s “Hot and Spicy Beanburger” issued on Joe’s own Birdcage label. This marked a return to their original past glories and led to an appearance in “National Lampoon’s Last Resort” in 1994. After other lineup changes, Joe left the group in 1996.


Their subsequent recordings included “The Song Remains Insane”, “Ruins” and the late 2000 release, “Deja Voodoo”. Dread Zeppelin continues to tour throughout America and California in particular. They  performed at Super Bowl weekend in San Diego in January 2003.


Arcadia High School Alumni Association


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