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Bob Breech


Arcadia High School Alumni Association


Entertaining Alumni

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A member of Arcadia High’s class of 1965, Bob has found his entertainment industry success not in front of the camera, but behind it.


Bob has found great success with David E. Kelley Productions as an Emmy Award winning producer on Picket Fences, L.A Law, Chicago Hope, Ally McBeal and The Practice. Bob met Kelley in 1986 when they came together to work on L.A. Law. Bob had been a practicing attorney for many years, having earned his B.A. from Stanford and his J.D. from Loyola University School of Law, but had left his practice to obtain an MFA in producing at USC. He worked briefly in documentaries, did a couple of features, then met his neighbor, Gregory Hoblit, who was Steven Bochco’s right hand man. Hoblit introduced him to the Bochco organization and his career took off. Bob stayed with L.A. Law through its sixth season. At that time he left to work with Kelley on Picket Fences. After that series left the air, Bob moved on with Kelley to produce both The Practice and Ally McBeal. More recently, his work has been exclusively on The Practice. His main responsibilities deal with the creative execution of The Practice.


Bob oversees a team of ten writers who develop story ideas and research them until strong story lines can be developed from them. He’s involved with ever aspect of production including editing the final version that is then screened by David E. Kelley. About working with Kelley, Bob says, “David gives total delegation for the execution of the product. He has a lot of trust in his colleagues. This is a true collaboration in every sense of the word.” During his years working with Kelley, Bob has won seven Emmy Awards.


Bob also says, “You have to adapt to the unexpected situations and maintain flexibility. You’re best off practicing preventative medicine, but when the unexpected comes through the door, that’s when your mettle as a production team is really tested.” As a location manager for the short lived Steven Bochco series, Bay City Blues, Bob unknowingly rented a mafia hangout from a major L.A kingpin.


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