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A lot of great music and dancing has been an integral part of life at Arcadia High since it opened in the mid-1950’s. Music has shaped a significant part of who we are and, for some, what we are. Throughout every genre of contemporary music from Swing, Vocal Groups, Folk to Rock and Roll, we have grown up with some wonderful music over the past 45 + years. What follows is some background about some of the more well known and loved musical acts that have performed at our alma mater.

                                   The Four Preps

The Four Preps
During the 1964-65 year, Apaches welcomed The Four Preps in concert. The Four Preps were formed at Hollywood High in 1956. They charted numerous hits during the late 1950’s and into the mid 1960’s. They are most famous for their huge hit, Twenty Six Miles (Santa Catalina). The members included Bruce Belland, Ed Cobb, Glen Larson and Marvin Ingraham and they continued to record through 1967. Bruce Belland has gone on to become a very successful songwriter for artists such as Willie Nelson, Sammy Davis, Lena Horne, Donny Osmond and Herman’s Hermits. He has also become a sought after Hollywood writer and actor, having appeared on TV’s Ozzie & Harriet for four years. Ed Cobb went on to work behind the scenes in music; producing/engineering such acts as The Lettermen, The Standells, Fleetwood Mac and Steely Dan and has been nominated for three Grammies.

Bud And Travis

In 1965, the San Francisco based folk duo of Bud And Travis (Bud Dashiell and Travis Edmonson).  performed at Arcadia High. They met and formed their influential duo in 1958. They were a major musical influence on numerous folk acts throughout the 1960's including the The New Christy Minstrels, The Chad Mitchell Trio, Peter Paul and Mary and most popular of all, The Kingston Trio. Frank Hamilton, a member of The Weavers, called Bud and Travis "Two of the most musical musicians in the Pop-folk field. Their guitar arrangements were beautiful."  Bud and Travis recorded several albums through the 60's until they split up in 1969. Bud Dashiell passed away from cancer in 1989. 

                                       Tim MorgonTim Morgan

Tim Morgan performed at AHS numerous times throughout the 1960’s. He was a popular folk singer here in Southern California during the mid to late 1960’s, often performing at The Ice House, The Troubadour and The Golden Bear in Huntington Beach. In addition, he performed and recorded a live album at The Prison of Socrates in Balboa, Newport Beach in 1963. Tim is a local, having attended Pasadena High School and P.C.C.

To find out more about what Tim is doing these days. visit his website at

The KRLA Road Show

In 1966, top rated rock and roll radio station, KRLA, broughtThe KRLA Road Show their road show to Arcadia High. Hosted by DJ Dick Biondi, they presented to Arcadia music not typically presented to we students. rockabilly and rhythm and blues. The main attraction at that show was Rockabilly Hall of Famer, Jerry Naylor. Jerry Naylor fronted several bands during the 1950’s and was a well-known DJ in his native Texas. In the early 1960’s, after the tragic death of the legendary Buddy Holly, he reformed The Crickets with members Jerry Allison, Sonny Curtis and Glen Hardin. They performed together until 1965 when Jerry left for a solo career. He has performed with and written songs for Bobby Vee and many others. In addition, he has appeared in several films and television programs.  He has also, worked as a DJ at KRLA and KDAY from 1972 to 1983, followed by a very successful stint at KLAC. Jerry’s performance was backed by a tight rhythm and blues group that was led by … Joe Tex.


                        Joe Tex

A native of Rogers Texas  was one of the great R&B acts of the 1960's and 1970's. He had several hits during that time including "A Sweet Little Woman Like You, "S.Y.S.L.J.F.M (The Letter Song) "Show Me". "Skinny Legs And All." He last hit the charts with another smash in the midst of disco fever with "Ain't Gonna Bump No More (With No Big Fat Woman)". His appearance at Arcadia High in 1966 was prior to his rise to stardom. Joe Tex passed on in 1982.

                                      The Nitty Gritty Dirt BandThe Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

During the 1969-70 school year, we actually had a major act play at AHS. The photo of the band (pictured left) was taken from the 1970 AHS yearbook. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band was formed in 1965 in Long Beach. The members consisted of, primarily, Les Thompson, John McKuen, Bob Carpenter, Jimmie Fadden, Jeff Hanna and Jimmy Ibbotson. In addition, other brief members included Jackson Browne and Bernie Leadon. The Dirt Band has lasted longer than virtually any other country rock band of their era. Their 1973 album “Will The Circle Be Unbroken” remains a landmark work in the country rock genre. Their hit, “Mr. Bojangles” has been recorded by literally hundreds of artists through the years. For tour schedules, and the "Latest Dirt" about the band visit   

      The Flying Burrito Brothers

Originally formed in Nashville in 1969, this diverse group of Los Angeles musicians performed in our Rally Court during the 1970-1971 school year. The main group members were ex Byrd’s and group founders Chris Hillman and the legendary Gram Parsons. Other principal group members included Skip Battan, Rick Roberts, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, John Beland, Byron Berline, Chris Ethridge, Gib Guilbeau and at other points during the band’s history future Eagle Bernie Leadon and ex Byrd Michael Clarke.

Their first release, “The Gilded Palace of Sin” in 1969 sold a meager 40,000 copies but earned the band a loyal cult following and included Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones.  Their second album, “Burrito Deluxe”, was released in 1970, after which time Parsons left the group to be replaced by Roberts and Clarke joined the band following the departure of Ethridge.  A continuing series of personnel moves led to a virtual revolving door atmosphere within the group that eventually led them to disband several times over the years. They have continued to resurface with varying lineups over the past 3 decades, including a tour of America and Europe as recently as 1999.

Gram Parson, perhaps the band’s most famous member pursued, with varying degrees of success and interest on his part, several other projects over the next 4 years. While on vacation near Joshua Tree after the release of his second solo album, “Grievous Angel”, he embarked on a morphine and tequila binge that resulted in his death on September 19, 1973. His body was flown to New Orleans for burial, but was stolen by Parson’s road manager, Phil Kaufman, carried back to the Joshua Tree desert and cremated, as had been Parsons’ wish. Kaufman was not charged with stealing Parsons’ body but was arrested for stealing and burning the coffin. Everyone from Emmy Lou Harris to Elvis Costello has since covered Parson’s songs, thus carrying on his musical influence well into the 90’s and beyond.

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