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Greg and Mark
Norman Avenue

Many of us have accumulated hundreds of digital photos, but seldom do we ever show them to one another. We wanted to create a website where we can share our photos with family and friends. We also think that it is important to preserve our memories. Witness the photo above where my younger brother Mark and I are pictured in our childhood home on Norman Avenue in Arcadia California. As fate would have it, our Norman avenue house burned to the ground in a wind storm some ten years after it was sold. We lived through a time when our Mom and Dad worked very hard to keep us healthy and happy on Norman Avenue. Here we are all these years later, and the memories of Norman survive not only in our hearts and minds, but online for all to view. Thanks again for visiting us, and taking the time to look at our family photos.  

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 Photo of Greg with
 Great Grand Parents

Our cousin Gary Smith has created a website sharing old photos of his Mom and Dad, John and Ruby Smith. For our Tober family and friends who do not understand the family tree, our Great Grand Parents Ole and Agnes Bollingmo (pictured above) had three children, Eric, Margaret and Ruby. Margaret was Joanne Tober's mother (our Grandmother) making Ruby Smith her Aunt. Ole and Agnes immigrated from Scandinavia to America in the early 1900's. Ole was born in  Norway, Agnes in Sweden. Both of them lived to be about 85 years old, and died within months of one another in 1965. Please click the link below to visit the Smith family website.

John and Ruby Smith Website  

Greg and Carolyn
High School Prom photo!



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