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The Tobers

Sharing our interests

Page Three 

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Tony and Karen at

Greg and Carolyn's

 Tippi Hedren

Rosemary and Lee


Carolyn and Thelma

Thelma and Frank

Dr. Wullschlager


Pastor Allen White

Timothy and Sam

Melanie and Carolyn

Carolyn and Greg
Linda Hogan


The Tober's pool
in San Dimas

Backyard Bobcat
San Dimas

San Dimas
Back yard view


RV beach living

South Carlsbad


Brandon surfing



South Carlsbad

Brad and Brandon

The Beach Boys


South Carlsbad
Hassett campsite

Brandon boat ride
San Diego Harbor

Carolyn San Diego


Petco Park 2005
Bob and Brandon



 Ontario PD


Bentley at Blythe

Bentley's stunt

Brandon at Blythe


Brandon Blythe

Bentley's Yamaha

Bentley jumps


Bentley at Glamis

Bentley's Truck

Brandon riding
San Dimas Canyon



Greg at Fish Canyon


San Dimas Canyon

Brandon Skates

Ruger died 10-08-06
18 years old

Carolyn's Cat 

Sassy and friends