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The Tobers

Sharing our interests

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Bentley's Prom
Tober's house

Bentley's Prom 2005
 San Dimas

Joanne Tober
 Sue Hassett

Karen and Carolyn

Joanne and Sue

Christmas Eve 2005
at Mom and Dad's

Bentley and William
Brandon and Christian


Carolyn and Carol
Christmas 2005

Carolyn and Brandon
Christmas San Dimas

William and Christian


Carolyn with
NYPD 2006

Carolyn Tober
loves  NYPD

New York Skyline
November 2006


Trump Tower

Central Park

New York


New York Santa

Karen in New York

Karen and Carolyn
Taverne on the green



Carolyn and Karen
Times Square

Carolyn and Karen
Broadway Musical

Carolyn in New York